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classic framing

With hundreds of frame samples and mats to choose from, we guarantee a selection that best complements your art work. It must be approached individually in order to allow the artwork to shine through and give it the impact it deserves.


What is a Shadow Box? This is a special way to display three dimentional objects. It provides the perfect way to showcase artworks and special objets.

Wall mounted or free standing.

At Majo Design Art you can find a large variety of  Shadow Box frames of any depth, dimension in a large material options.


As distinguished from traditional framing processes, floater frames are designed specifically for canvas paintings. By adding a small gap between the work and the frame, floater frames make a painting appear as though it is floating within its frame. In turn, this small sliver of space reveals the edges of a painting, allowing it to breathe. 


There are memories that must be frozen in time. 

We will not only help make your documents look great with high quality, but also we’ll keep them looking great for years to come with the experience and commitment that represent us.

dry mountings

At Majo Design Art we highly recommend to dry mount posters, prints, newspapers and some photographs before framing.

The paper they’re printed on can also be prone to creases or bends. And if your artwork has been stored in a tube for an extended time, dry mounting will smooth out the curl in your artwork.

Also, they can be reproduced, since the dry mounting process is permanent.



We are able to offer canvas stretching for both standard and non-standard size canvases. For extra large formats, we also offer this service along with a supporting crossbar structure to provide extra security and custom sizes heavy wood stretchers.


It may be that your picture requires re-stretching due to being rolled for transportation, or the old stretcher needs replacement. 


A properly stretched canvas is often completed by a carefully selected frame. In Majo Design Art you can find a wide variety of different design and material frames, even craft frames for non standard height stretchers.


According to the weight, length, material and support where the framework is to be hanged, a special hanger for its safety and preservation is used (straps, wall buddies, security, sawtooth hangers, wood or metal cleats, and super soft strand wire)

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